K9 Connection Staff

Tyler Muto
Tyler Muto – Owner, Training Director

Tyler started K9 Connection in 2007 to fulfill his dream of helping dogs and owners to live harmonious lives together. Tyler oversees and develops the training programs at K9 Connection, and works diligently to advance our training techniques and coach the staff.

Additionally, Tyler travels the country teaching seminars to other professional trainers who want to improve their skills and learn the secrets of our success. Tyler also serves as the Vice President of the International Association of Canine Professionals. In 2015 Tyler was selected to be an instructor for Leerburg Online University, one of the most well respected and prestigious web-based dog training companies. His personal Pack includes Lobo (Belgian Malinois), Charlie (terrier mix), and Lila (hound mix).

In addition to training dogs, Tyler also enjoys hiking, kung ku, meditation, and spending time with his family.

Tyler is not currently accepting new clients. However, he personally coaches all the staff at K9 Connection, and directs all the training programs.


Joanne Galley – Operations Manager

Joanne joined K9 Connection in January of 2015. As a former client, she was excited to join an organization whose dedication to helping dogs was clearly evident. Joanne brought her dog to training to help him find focus and become accustom to people coming into her house. Joanne worked in the veterinary industry for over 16 years and learned about K9 Connection through a local veterinary hospital. Joanne is currently the proud owner of 3 Boston Terriers: Teagan aka “Taco” is a  registered Therapy Dog who is truly happiest being with people. Loomis is a proud K9 Connection success story. He enjoys skateboarding and buttermilk pancakes. Rowan is the youngster and a red and white Boston with one blue eye. He enjoys stealing all his big brothers toys and playing in the pool all summer.

Joanne enjoys riding her vintage motorcycle, kayaking, camping and traveling. She shares her interests with her husband of 20 years, Chris. Joanne has participated in the Ride for Roswell fundraiser for the last 17 years. Recently, Teagan has joined the fun and rides in a basket at the front of Joanne’s bike. Teagan will be riding for the 4th time in 2016.

Joanne works in our office and helps with general oversight.


Amber Roath
Amber Roath – Dog Trainer, Floor Manager

Amber has always had a love for dogs as well as other animals. As a young girl she always had a dog by her side. Amber dabbled in horseback riding, but her true passion was with dogs. When Amber was seven years old she trained her first dog, a Chocolate lab named Chico. Amber participated in 4H activities with her dog to make her training stronger. Amber competed with Chico at the County Fair, where they exceled in obedience but not so well in the agility. Chico didn’t enjoy running the course and would rather walk it.

Years later Amber rescued a dog from a local shelter and named her Emma, a Pit Bull Mix. Amber sought out the help of K9 Connection due to Emma’s severe aggression issues that she could not handle on her own at the time. K9 Connection was the only place that would take on Emma’s aggression and help work through her problematic behaviors. For a year Amber attended obedience classes with Emma, then came an opportunity to apprentice under Tyler Muto.  After Amber’s apprenticeship she became a dog trainer for K9 Connection.

Amber conducts a number of Private Lessons as well as manages our Day Care. She also conducts Group Classes, Reactive Class, Socialization, and helps with Boot Camps as needed.



Adam Serotte – Lead Board and Train Dog Trainer

Adam started at K9 Connection as a client with his dog Dozer, a happy go lucky Lab/Pit Mix. Dozer’s ears would shut off if and when any excitement occurred and there was no way to control him. Adam and his family tried positive only training which was helpful for puppy stuff when Dozer was younger, but when it came to the real world he needed to be able to communicate to him. This is where Tyler and K9 connection came and saved the day. Adam was so impressed he said “this is what I want to do the rest of my life!”

Adam focuses his time at work and works solely with our Boot Camp dogs.


Dave Putman – Dog Trainer

Dave has been working for K9 Connection since April 2014 after first finding the company through a Google search for local dog trainers. He sought out the help of K9 Connection after adopting a high energy Pit Bull from the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter. Dave worked his way through Private Lessons with Tyler and into Group Classes to help get his dog under control and able to handle high level distractions. Since his introduction into dog training, Dave began watching training videos online. He really enjoyed watching videos of French Ring/Mondio Ring/IPO on YouTube and thought it was cool that a dog could be so attentive.

On his off time, Dave enjoys playing guitar and hockey and he is also a published poet.

Dave conducts our Tricks Classes and now providing Private Lessons and Board and Train Final Lessons.


Barb Lenahan – Dog Trainer, Day Care Attendant

Barb Lenahan is the newest member of the staff at K9 Connection. She has had a lifetime of loving and working with her own dogs, and has been training dogs professionally for the past fifteen years. In addition to working privately with owners and their dogs to solve problems, Barb has been teaching Puppy, Basic and Advanced Obedience, Scent Work, Rally, Canine Good Citizen and Therapy International preparation classes. Barb is certified as an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and also as a Therapy Dog International Evaluator. She owns three Dobermans, and has been successful in the obedience ring, achieving many AKC and other working titles.

Together with a Doberman she volunteers at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, bringing support, comfort and companionship to patients, families and staff.

Barb works in our Day Care, helps with Board and Train dogs, as well as runs several of our specialty classes (Scent work, CGC, puppy class, rally)

Katherine “Potato” Galbo – Daycare attendant – Board & Train Dog Trainer

Katherine has been interested in the rehabilitation and training of dogs for the last year after she became an active member of Buffalo C.A.R.E.S. Animal Rescue and the Tails & Trails dog walking group.  Born and raised in Buffalo, she holds a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice from Buffalo State. She has enjoyed the company of dogs and all animals since she was a child. She enjoys walking her dachshund Otto and rescue boxer Rocco. She also has been playing hockey since age 6. Katherine likes to explore around Buffalo and experience historical sights in addition to traveling, cooking and baking.


Alexandra Whitford  – Dog Trainer 

Alex grew up on Grand Island and attended Grand Island Senior High School as well as NCCC for Animal Management. She has always been interested in animal husbandry and training. Her passion for training is fueled by helping to build the relationship that is developed between you and your dog. Alex and her rescue catahoula leopard dog mix, Lila Blue, have built a strong bond that never would have been possible without training. She also enjoys the challenge and reward of having a “break through” with really tough dogs. In addition to Lila, Alex also has a quarter horse named Jet.
When Alex is not training dogs, you can find her learning about training dogs, always looking to gain more skills and develop technique. She truly  enjoys the outdoors, hiking and taking my dog to new places. Riding, working and handling horses and spending time at the farm.
Alex teaches private lessons, group maintenance classes and our new Family Dog Fitness program.