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Self Discipline

When I was roughly 5 years old my mother asked me if I would like to take karate classes. My answer was flat out “No.” About 6 months later I saw the movie “The Karate Kid,” and suddenly I had a change of heart. I took my classes pretty seriously for kid. I climbed the […]

Humane Dog Training, A Different Perspective

My friend Suzanne is a volunteer for the City Animal Shelter, and very involved with animal rescue throughout the area. Occasionally, she spends a day at the K9 Connection training center with me, to observe my work and take anything she can learn back to the shelter to help the animals. Being active in the […]

The Relativity of Pressure

Is training with rewards, without the use of physical corrections inherently more ethical than training with which utilizes other tools such as a leash and training collar, or an electronic collar? For a significant number of trainers, the answer has always been “Of course!” I think however if we look more objectively at things, it […]


You call the number in the advertisement, you visit the breeder’s home, and you select the perfect puppy for your family. In your mind is an expectation of what life will be like from this moment on. You can imagine all the places you’ll go and the things you’ll do with your new, happy-go-luck furry […]

Now That I Have Your Attention

By Tyler Muto My recent post A Silent Killer, created quite a stir as anticipated. The words within contained a pretty serious charge: That a very small faction of trainers, who believe that no dog should ever be trained with the use of aversives, regardless of the situation, are responsible for the deaths of hundreds […]

A Silent Killer

By Tyler Muto The post is very important to me, and it is likely to upset some people. Those involved will not admit their guilt, will deny every aspect of what I am about to say, and place the blame elsewhere. There is a silent killer in the dog training world. It is not a […]

Training Vs. Fulfillment

A new client brings her dog into my center and begins describing her dog’s problem behavior. “He is constantly getting into things,” she says. “He sits at the window, waiting for any movement outside and then he’ll bark like crazy. When he goes into that mode, he doesn’t even hear me calling his name” I […]

Tobin Hits The Jackpot!

Helping rescue organizations to rehabilitate difficult dogs is one of the many things I do to keep myself sane. With all the chaos of running a business, sometimes it’s easy to lose track of what’s important. Kristy, the director of Buffalo Paws and Claws Animal Rescue, brought me a dog named Tobin, a shepherd mix, […]

Conversational Leash Work and the Future of Dogmanship

Last week I had the pleasure of hosting a couple professional trainers at my center to offer them some education and insight on some of the training programs I offer, and some of the concepts that I have been developing. Let me just start by saying how overwhelmed I am with the success of my […]