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Pause. . . Listen

We talk a lot about getting respect from a dog. But what about showing respect to the dog. What about having respect for the fact that when we are dealing with dogs we are dealing with an element of the animal kingdom that is far more in tune with mother nature than ourselves. Many people […]


This seems to be a recurring theme around here lately. Owner after owner bringing dogs in with behavioral issues ranging from fear, to anxiety, to aggression, and the common thread that runs through almost all the cases is the apparent lack of respect between the dogs and their humans. Note that I didn’t say “The […]

Operation: Rescue Gracie

My friend Julia Taylor from Pawfect Love Pet Care found Gracie and pulled her out of the city shelter. She had been showing signs of aggression towards both humans and dogs. The shelter agreed to release Gracie pending an evaluation from me. I of course, knew I could help before I even met her as […]

Exceptional Obedience, or Obedience With Exceptions?

One of the questions I always ask humans who bring their dogs in for an evaluation is “How is your dog’s obedience?” Most people respond something like “Oh, she’s really obedient, she knows all the basics, sit, down she’s not so good at stay but we’re working on it.” Of course, I naturally must probe further […]

Silly Humans

Have you ever noticed that nearly everyone in the world believes that they are an expert on what is best for your dog? Personally and professionally, I have found that one of the toughest areas of training can be teaching good greeting behavior. I’m not talking about the dog training part of it. It’s the […]

Champion Bloodlines

I was in Rochester yesterday and stopped by my dad’s studio to say hello. Some of you may not know that my dad is an incredible artist. Here he is working on a piano he was commissioned to design and paint for Steinway and Sons. Yep, I come from good stock. You can see more […]


Pressure is a term that I use a lot when discussing dog training. The concept of pressure is somewhat central to my system of training and influencing dogs’ behavior, and understanding how pressure works will make anyone a better handler. The most important to remember is that pressure motivates, and the release of pressure educates. […]

Practice Makes Perfect

I commonly preach to my clients on the benefits of regularly practicing obedience exercises with their dogs that require self control. “Self control,” I say, “is like a muscle, the more you use it the stronger it gets. If you don’t use it, it goes into atrophy.” I of course, only based this piece of […]

An Interesting Perspective on Canine Aggression

The staff here at K9 Connection, including myself, recently completed a workshop in canine socialization which had it’s main focus on understanding the causes and dimensions of inter-canine aggression. The workshop leader Chad Mackin (founder of the Pack to Basics program, and board member of the International Association of Canine Professionals) outlined a model of […]