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This is what dogs should look like after they have been exercised! This is after our morning hour long walk around Tonawanda. We take our boot camp dogs (brindle guy on the far left) on many walks around the neighborhood. To help them learn to do it nicely.

As Good As It Gets

Before I get too involved in this post, let me just start by saying that there is a big difference in my mind between training dogs for competition obedience, and doing what I term “Real world dog training.” Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of similarities as well, the most important being that […]

Tired pups

This is what two 7 month old Golden Retrievers look like after a good training session, exhausted! Sabertooth and Thriller were just signed up for group class, and they’re going to do great!

Dogs and the road

This is lead dog trainer Josh Moran’s dog King. Here he shows how a dog NEEDS to behave around the road.Your browser does not support the video tag

Pack Walk

It’s been cold, windy and rainy here in Buffalo, NY, but dogs still need to be walked. Don’t let the weather be an excuse for not giving your dog the mental and physical activity that they need. If your dog pulls you, or walks in front, then call K9 Connection and we’ll train them to […]

Playing and Training With Apollo the Doberman

This is the beginning of week 2 of a “BootCamp” dog training program with Apollo the Doberman. I am using my own Dog Lobo a Belgian Malinois to help provide distraction and Apollo works on downs. At this point Apollo has been training with us for 8 days. I love training sessions like this because […]

Pack To Basics

I am very pleased to announce that we will be hosting a workshop with Chad Mackin and his revolutionary Pack To Basics program. Chad has been training dogs professionally since March of 1993, teaches workshops for professional trainers throughout the US and Canada. He is a proud member  and board member of the International Association […]


Bullet just arrived for a 2 week boot camp. He currently lives in his owners garage because he can’t control himself inside. He doesn’t get enough exercise because he can’t be trusted off leash and his owner can’t control him on leash due to his strength. Bullet’s life is about to get a whole lot […]

Check us out and save some cash!

Come see us tonight and all day tomorrow at Eastern Mountain Sports on Niagara Falls boulevard. You can see the K9 Connection dogs in action, and take advantage of 20-30% off anything in the store!