Drop Off K9 Enrichment Evaluation

Are you looking for ways to help meet your dog’s mental and physical needs at home? With our Drop Off K9 Enrichment Evaluation , we assess your dog’s age related, energy level, behavioral and breed specific needs through a variety of activities. We then develop a plan to help you get off on the right paw at home with engaging and fun activities.

Similar to our Day Training program, your dog gets dropped off for the day and spends three 30 minute sessions with our Enrichment Trainers who will evaluate which activities he enjoys and which ones will help meet his mental and physical needs at home. When your dog is not interacting with one of our trainers, he will stay in one of our spacious kennels to get some rest time. You will be emailed a detailed report about his breed, age, and energy specific needs. You will also receive a one time use 20% discount on enrichment products from our retail section.

To get started with a Drop off K9 Enrichment Evaluation, please fill out the forms found here. We offer Drop Off Enrichment Evaluations on Wednesdays and Thursdays during the week at the price of $145 for the day. Once we receive your forms, the office will contact you with the next available dates!