K9 Connection Enrichment Programs


Enrichment is the enhancement of a dog’s life though engagement in activities which address the dog’s unique physical and mental needs and which appropriately support instinctual behaviors.

Enrichment helps to reduce stress, mitigate common behavioral issues (like anxiety, over- arousal, reactivity), build confidence and improve a dog’s overall well-being. Creating an enrichment plan helps us to develop a greater understanding of the dog’s individual age, temperament, energy and breed specific needs. Enrichment is flexible, taking into account the dogs mental, social and physical state during each session so that activities can be adjusted accordingly. All of this helps us to nurture a deeper connection between the dog and his humans.





The mission of our K9 Enrichment program is to help meet each dog’s Social, Mental and Physical needs in an engaging, healthy, safe, and meaningful way.

We honor the key tenet of Enrichment: agency. Agency means allowing the dog freedom to choose whether or not he wants to engage in an activity. We can only deem an activity or environmental modification enriching for a particular dog if that dog willingly choses to engage in it and we can observe positive outcomes from his engagement.




At K9 Connection, we incorporate Enrichment into all aspects of our training programs. We offer a stand- alone K9 Enrichment daycare program which has replaced our all-day-free- play daycare. And we offer a variety of options to help get you and your dog started on an Enrichment plan at home: our Drop Off Enrichment Evaluations, Private Enrichment Lessons, and Enrichment Workshops. Our Enrichment Evaluations and Lessons will be coming soon, stay tuned for more information!