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I am very pleased to announce that we will be hosting a workshop with Chad Mackin and his revolutionary Pack To Basics program.

Chad has been training dogs professionally since March of 1993, teaches workshops for professional trainers throughout the US and Canada. He is a proud member  and board member of the International Association of Canine Professionals

The key to Pack To Basics is to use the dog’s naturally strong social behavior to reduce stress and fear; build confidence and language skills, allowing for many common behavior problems to slip away.  This is an approach like none other!

Pack to Basics is a comprehensive approach to canine socialization, specifically gear towards dogs with known socialization issues. It includes everything from the initial evaluation to pre-training dogs before they can enter the social arena and preparing the questionable dogs to safely enter the socialization classes.

Pack to basics is an advanced socialization process that focuses on the dogs that are typically excluded from doggie day-cares and other socialization venues. Because of this fact, Pack to Basics offers us an opportunity to help dogs that otherwise might not be able to ever run with other dogs.

You can download the workshop flyer by clicking the link below:

Pack To Basics Flyer

The following video shows a Pack To Basics work in progress. Ringo is a from South Texas Lab Rescue and was facing an uncertain future because of his aggressive behavior towards other dogs.  We have done no training with Ringo besides Pack to Basics socialization classes, what you see below is the result of less than two weeks of work and only a handful of sessions.