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Dante Protection Training At 7 Months old

This video (Courtesy of Marcus Hampton) shows Tyler Muto and ‘Dante’ in protection training. This was filmed about 1 month ago when Dante was 7 months old. The Decoy is Marcus Hampton.

Dante’s Early Protection Training

This is Dante’s first bite session after finishing teething at 5 months old. It is also his first time transitioning from a jute or burlap rag to a bite pillow, and first time working around a blind.

The Helper is Marcus Hampton. Marcus is an excellent trainer and decoy. His role in Dante’s early training is crucial for proper development. To see more of Marcus’ work, Click Here to view his YouTube page. If you do not have experience training protection dogs, do not try this work yourself. It can be dangerous for the dog, you, and others. Always seek the help of a professional.