Testimonial one

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” When I first adopted Tyson, my Saint Bernard-mix, at 5 years old, I was shocked to find out that he was aggressive toward other dogs… For my first 3 weeks with him, I contemplated returning him many times. It was a very emotional time and I cried many nights… I ended up going to other trainers who all pretty much said the same thing, “if he were younger, we’d have a real chance at changing his behavior”…. Without hesitation, you assured me that progress could be made with my dog, and just about any dog, regardless of age. You explained that my dog wasn’t a mean dog, but a scared dog and that his reactions toward other dogs likely came from fear and anxiety… After our 3 months of group classes, I can now walk him past unfamiliar dogs without issue. If necessary, I can have him sit off to the side and wait for another dog to pass us before we continue on our walk. And now, we are even walking around Delaware Park with a pack of 10-15 other dogs, without a single reaction. You’ve not only changed my dog, but you’ve changed me as well….My only regret is that I didn’t join your program sooner. Thank you for everything!”