Testimonial three

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” When we tried calling K-9 connection we were at the end of our rope… Upon seeing another dog on leash she would turn very aggressive, pulling, barking, growling and snarling, building in intensity as the two dogs got closer together… The not so funny thing was that we were taking her to obedience school, and we had a trainer! We were trying to do the right thing for our dog, but both the obedience school, and our trainer at the time where unable to change her behavior… We had been trying to change her behavior for about 6 months with the obedience school and trainer before we called K9 connection. They offered a free initial consultation were we met Josh (one of K9 connection trainers), and he was able to demonstrate in 60 minutes how her behavior was able to be changed. We signed up, and fired our other trainer who we were working with for several months….The very next day to make sure it wasn’t a dream we took Jasmine to the canal to encounter other dogs on leash to see what would happen. Now the happy ending, nothing happened!” Read the whole thing here: Jasmine & K9 connection