Behavioral Problem Videos

Aggressive Dog Rehabilitation 
This video shows clips from Landon’s discharge appointment after 2 weeks in our Boot Camp program. Landon showed several aggressive behaviors, and his owner was advised previously to euthanize him. Luckily, he sought out a second opinion.

Food Aggression Rehab
This short clip shows what were are doing to work on Landon’s food aggression about mi-way through the process.

Landon Obedience Week 1
Here is Landon working on his obedience after 1 week of training in our Boot Camp program. He came to us with reports of extreme stubbornness, but we are teaching him that cooperating with us humans makes life a lot more enjoyable!
Although he has shown aggression in the past when he didn’t want to do something, we are happy to say that he is turning into a very sweet dog with an eagerness to please.