Obedience Videos

Negative Punishment

In this video Tyler Muto describes and demonstrates the value of utilizing negative punishment in dog training. Tyler is demonstrating with his Belgian Malinois, Lobo

Bentley’s First Session

This quick video shows K9 Connection founder Tyler Muto with Bentley, a 10 month old Labrador Retriever puppy. Bentley had already completed an 8 week obedience course with another trainer, yet he was still completely out of control.

The progress in this video takes place during a single session, with a total training time of 17 minutes. In the hands of experienced professionals utilizing a balanced approach to training, progress if fast. This is why our Boot Camp, board and train program is so popular.

Focused Heel Foundation Work

This video shows the foundation steps for focused heeling with Tyler Muto and Sonny the Pit Bull.