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We are Buffalo, New York’s premier dog training, and dog daycare facility. Whether your dog is lunging, barking, jumping, pulling, and biting, or you just want to start off on the right paw and avoid problems, we can help. Our comprehensive dog training programs, and unique approach to training and behavior modification are designed for real people in everyday situations, and have achieved recognition from dog owners and professionals worldwide.

We offer a wide range of dog training programs from Board and Train to Private Lessons to Group classes, which are tailored to reach your dog’s individual training or behavior goals.

To help us serve you more efficiently, please take some time to review our website, and then fill out our contact form so that we can understand your individual needs. Once the form is submitted, a member of our team will reach out to you.

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  • ” As a veterinarian, I certainly respect and thrive on scientific reports and studies…. . I’d already contacted two behaviorists and had only seen worsening in Jesse’s aggression over the past few years…. . I went to Tyler Muto with my dog Jesse Mae as a last resort. If he were unable to help me control her dog aggression, I would have to euthanize her…. My dogs both attended boot camp, Now three months after the initial visit, I cannot thank Tyler Muto and his staff enough for their help with my girls. Leila’s less fearful. Both Jesse and Leila attend socialization classes regularly, and no longer show the terrifying reactivity they had previously…” Read the whole thing here: Dr. Erik Testimonial

    - Dr. Ashley Erik DVM (Veterinarian)
  • ” When we tried calling K-9 connection we were at the end of our rope… Upon seeing another dog on leash she would turn very aggressive, pulling, barking, growling and snarling, building in intensity as the two dogs got closer together… The not so funny thing was that we were taking her to obedience school, and we had a trainer! We were trying to do the right thing for our dog, but both the obedience school, and our trainer at the time where unable to change her behavior… We had been trying to change her behavior for about 6 months with the obedience school and trainer before we called K9 connection. They offered a free initial consultation were we met Josh (one of K9 connection trainers), and he was able to demonstrate in 60 minutes how her behavior was able to be changed. We signed up, and fired our other trainer who we were working with for several months….The very next day to make sure it wasn’t a dream we took Jasmine to the canal to encounter other dogs on leash to see what would happen. Now the happy ending, nothing happened!” Read the whole thing here: Jasmine & K9 connection

    - Jim, Nancy, and Jasmine McGoldrick
  • “I just wanted to take a minute to give an update on Remy, our GSD, who was there for a boot camp in early October. We brought her in with high hopes of bringing home a better mannered girl and I can say without hesitation our expectations were exceeded on every level. . .” Read the whole statement here: Remy Testimonial

    - Carrie Cimini Mills
  • ” When I first adopted Tyson, my Saint Bernard-mix, at 5 years old, I was shocked to find out that he was aggressive toward other dogs… For my first 3 weeks with him, I contemplated returning him many times. It was a very emotional time and I cried many nights… I ended up going to other trainers who all pretty much said the same thing, “if he were younger, we’d have a real chance at changing his behavior”…. Without hesitation, you assured me that progress could be made with my dog, and just about any dog, regardless of age. You explained that my dog wasn’t a mean dog, but a scared dog and that his reactions toward other dogs likely came from fear and anxiety… After our 3 months of group classes, I can now walk him past unfamiliar dogs without issue. If necessary, I can have him sit off to the side and wait for another dog to pass us before we continue on our walk. And now, we are even walking around Delaware Park with a pack of 10-15 other dogs, without a single reaction. You’ve not only changed my dog, but you’ve changed me as well….My only regret is that I didn’t join your program sooner. Thank you for everything!”

    - Sandee and Tyson

The Danger Of Reductionism

  One of the many strategies recommended by conventional dog trainers to help a dog overcome fear of new people is to counter condition the dog by having new people approach and give the dog treats. This is not a strategy that I personally employ very often and here is why: Let’s put it into […]

He Just Wants To Protect Me…

By Tyler Muto “I know he’s just trying to protect me, but I don’t know why” This is a common sentiment among dog owners bringing their dogs into our training center for help.  If you have owned multiple dogs, there’s a decent chance that at least one of them has displayed over-protective behavior.  The problem […]

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