Operation: Rescue Gabby – Pit Bull Rehabilitation

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Gabby is a rescue pit bull from the Niagara County SPCA. She has been at the shelter for about 1 year (The majority of her short life), and has started displaying some aggressive type behaviors that are preventing her from being adopted. The SPCA called me to see if I would be willing to help rehabilitate her and make her more adoptable. The main behaviors where aggression when on the leash, and some aggressive behaviors towards other dogs. She is also extremely wild in general, and can get very mouthy. Our goal is to help Gabby become more balanced so I brought her to my center to live with my pack for a while. Her rehabilitation will involve exercise, obedience, and socialization. She is a super fun dog to work with and would excel with an active family, preferably with no small children. She would also excel in a dog-sport such as agility since she is very motivated and has a lot of drive for food and toys.

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